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Here you can explore generation 4 or 5 or whatever it is now, of the Oboe Brilliance Muse Echo BLOGS which started originally in 2007. ( Here we are 12 years later in a new growing season. )
Under the category MUSE ECHO - I have and will again write about the music for sale. Look for the title of the book as the title of the blog. Don’t see it - either email me and ask or just wait, I’m about to do it all again this AUGUST 2019…

In 2020 I aspire to once again record myself performing works and add to the repertoire.
Feel free to provide a special request and/or fund the endeavor. 90% of this work - at least - is my volunteer time to honor my promise to Lois - which is also congruent with my life purpose, so I do so now, with a full heart.

From time to time I hit reset…
Here we celebrate:
the creative process: works in progress and works completed
the art of oboe study
oboe teaching methods I encourage
share insight into the music made and shared here
writings about the journey

Feel free to email questions and/or introduce yourself! 
Historically, I will blog in response to an email…! 

Yours in the service of music and thank you for visiting,

Below are sound bites of some of my work with additional information. Enjoy.

Oboe Solo

K.J.P. performs VIPER, étude V from the book of 12 progressive études, “In Adoration of the Earth”

In Adoration of the Earth, book 1 available in the shop, is for solo oboe and takes about 20+ minutes to play cover to cover and is an excellent warm up for accomplished oboists. It is like a “sun salutation” in yoga, in that it covers all the pertinent aspects of oboe skill. The 12 études are progressive, starting with a beginner level and rapidly advancing up through virtuoso level. I composed these works over a period of 15 years as they are custom works for specific oboists in my oboe studio back when. That said, please know that I am at your service to compose custom études for you or a student. Turn around can be sooner than later for this. Your wish is my command!
Each étude introduces and covers key aspects for technical elegance. Techniques introduced in standard 20th century repertoire such as 1.4 tones, and multi phonics are creatively introduced in a pleasant hand holding and creative way. Tonal, modal, and chromatic forms are used. So too metered, mixed metered and non metered works.
Most are suitable for adding into a recital and some are perfect for an encore! International SKYPE lessons are available to assist you or a student with any étude. $1 per minute with a 20 minute minimum, prepaid by appointment. Email questions are free. Don’t hesitate.

Oboe Ensemble

Two contrasting oboe duets: K.J.P. and oboist Marika Lombardi perform duets no. 3  and no. 4  from the book of 7 oboe duets “The Secrets of Ravens”

I composed “The Secret of Ravens” a book of 7 intermediate oboe duets for a dear adult student, of 9 years, Cheryl Tuttle, for the pure joy of oboe playing and in celebration of her accomplishments! Cheryl inspired this work and we’ve enjoyed studying, playing and performing it together. Good memories. Ravens are very dear to me. Such magnificent creatures, mysterious, clever, musical…evocative of fairy tales and the power of nature. I hope these duets will take your imagination flying higher and your love of oboe playing even deeper. ENJOY!

Oboe In Ensemble

Wood Wind Quintet no. 2, IX Stages of Purification, by K.J. P. (sample of composition services) composed custom for, and performed by Quintetto Anemos, in a live premiere recording. 
Filippo Mazzoli, flute; Marika Lombardi, oboe; Nicola Zuccalà, clarinet, Albin Lebossé, horn; Ivan Calestani, bassoon. 

After composing Wood Wind Quintet #1, Songes d’un cœur épris, for Quintetto Anemos, I heard the gist and some sound of this quintet in a dream* - before I met the ensemble. After meeting and working with these lovely musicians, I composed this quintet - as a gift - and with each instrumentalist in mind and with no strings or expectations attached.
On March 6, 2015, they premiered this work in celebration of international women’s day, in Paris, France at the Italian Consulate. It was a thrill for me and I am so honored to share this. I cannot thank them enough. I feel this is a rhapsodic adventure exploring and celebrating the traditional wood wind quintet! I feel SO HAPPY when I compose for wood wind quintet. I hope you enjoy hearing this wonderful ensemble of musicians. 

*The dream, simply put, is that I flew in a vehicle in the sky with the distant future CHIEF of all humanity who was also the protector of all the earth in a UTOPIA. We jumped out of the vehicle and fell slowly to the earth enjoying a magnificent view of it. As we fell, we felt our hearts expand to the size of the earth itself equal to the love of the planet. She was eager to lead me to a chapel to listen to a rehearsal celebrating the reclamation of the purification of a once again healthy earth, celebrated by a healthy human civilization that learning from past mistakes, learned to live in peace, harmony and in adoration of life. The celebration heralded the completion of the 9th stage of purification OF THE EARTH ITSELF, patiently attended to by the small population of humanity. I heard the gist of this music and some of the sounds. She asked me to compose the music for the event…. so I did so after the dream to the best of my ability. Here you can listen to it. I do hope that this dream is prophetic! ENJOY.